Here are some pictures of our spring excursion to discover Val Trippera. A special thanks to  for having guided us through nature and to  who hosted us for an aperitif! Get ready on May 5th for the second excursion, all the information will coming soon!

  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_01
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_02
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_03
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_04
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_05
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_06
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_07
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_08
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_09
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_10
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_11
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_12
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_13
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_14
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_15
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_16
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_17
  • varaschin_outdoortherapy_18
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